Saturday, April 25, 2015

Vicariously exploring life

Vicariously: adjective. felt or enjoyed through imagined participation in the experience of others

Yep.  When I read the blogs of others I am vicariously exploring life.  Especially during April when I make it a point to try and read many, many blogs ( thanks to A to Z Challenge)  I have the opportunity to see and experience how others do and live life.   I learn so many things and I enjoy seeing everyday stuff through someone else's eyes.

I see the struggle of writers and the pain of tumbles.  I understand what it must like be in New Zealand and how hot the desert is.  I visit gardens and examine gems.

My horizons are expanded.  Vicariously.


betty said...

I know, that's the fun thing of blogging; you get to learn so many different things and experience things you wouldn't be able to just behind a computer screen :)


Liz said...

It's a good word, vicariously, isn't it? I think we all live life like that when we get children! I've enjoyed the A-z travelling, too! ~Liz My blog is at: Blogger will take you to the wrong site.

Alyce Eccentrick said...

I also love the word vicariously. It is very delightful to read so many blogs and to get to take a little glimpse of the writers' world. That's why I like books so much. :>