Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Milk Chocolate

This is the view from my world today.  Milk Chocolate.  

Yep.  Leftover goodies form Easter Sunday.

The colorfully wrapped milk chocolate eggs look innocent enough, but they cry out to me. "I am yummy! You should unwrap and eat me!"  If I eat one of them it will be a downward spiral and I will eat all of them.

I should just throw them away and not allow them to tempt me, but I hate to be wasteful.  Also I know my grandchildren will delight in the chocolate morsels.

So I guess I will hide them away behind a cabinet door and try to forget they are there for the moment.  *sigh*   It's going to be tough.

Do you have foods that tempt you? 


Tyrean Martinson said...

Do I have any foods that tempt me? Do I have any foods that don't tempt me? That's the real question. I'm a fan of nuts (just not peanuts), chips, and chocolate. Salty sweetness is good.

David P. King said...
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David P. King said...

You just showed me my kryptonite. Good thing we're out of chocolate in the house. :)

Entrepreneurial Goddess said...

Hello there.
I love chocolate, but I have to limit my consumption as too much triggers my migraines.
Thanks for sharing.

Entrepreneurial Goddess

betty said...

Chocolate is my tempting food too! I've gotten in the habit now if we have family for holidays to send all the goodies home with them so I won't be tempted :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, Easter candy and Christmas cookies. They always win. I always loose. But at least it's only twice a year!