Saturday, April 11, 2015

Life is like a Jungle

Many different parts make up a jungle just like our lives are made up of many parts. We have parts like trees that stand up tall and strong.  Our trees are confident and sure.  We also have bushes that can be messy looking with branches going this way and that.  Vines hang in a jungle in the most interesting way.  Sometimes they just come out of nowhere  or lead to nowhere.  They hang twisted, yet are sometimes the way to get from one place to the next.  Let's not forget the underbrush, the ground cover.  This is the part that grows out-of-control and is able to take over if not tended.

Sometimes it is a struggle to see a clearly defined path.  At those times we need to either take action and force a path either by pushing things away or cutting them out.  Then we can walk the path.  Other times we may need to find alternate paths--we may get side-tracked or we may be forced to go off the path we had marked out for ourselves.

There are diverse creatures in the jungle that cross your path.  Some are known and some are unknown.  Some are blatantly visible and others covertly do their thing without you knowing.  Some creatures are scary and make you fear while others are cute, safe, expected.   The bugs in the jungle are like the events in our lives.  May different kinds. Some have six legs, others have 8 legs.  Some help us and some sting us.

Life is like a jungle.  It can get dark with everything crowding out the sun.  Our hope is in looking for the sun....find the rays that reach down from the heavens and break through the tree canopy.



Donna McDine said...

Enjoyed your writing style! Keep up the great work! Hope you are enjoying A-Z!

i b arora said...

nice comparison