Friday, April 10, 2015

In an Instant

I don't think we value our time as we should.  In an instant all can change. Things may need to be said, decisions may need to made and plans may need to change.

In an instant....

  • you may be involved in a car accident
  • you may be the victim of an assault 
  • you may win the lottery 
  • you may become ill 
  • you may meet the love of your life 

Are you valuing every instant?  Have you left nothing unsaid?  Do you have an open mind to view every second as a moment?  

I need to step off the merry-go-round every so often and savor the instants.  


Maria Catalina Vergara Egan said...

INSTANTS... what a powerful post and so spot on. Those lightning moments that forever change us, make us stronger or more vulnerable.
Global instances that we all identify with like when everyone knows where they were when John F Kennedy was shot or when the Berlin Wall came down... those are amazing instants that impact all of us....

betty said...

That is so true how things can change in an instant. You think of the recent tragedies in the news and how much changed in just an instant. We need to be grateful for every minute of our life because we aren't guaranteed even our next breath.


i b arora said...

to value an instant we have to live in present, but we rarely live in present,