Thursday, April 2, 2015


"Don't freak out, but we are at the hospital. Call me later."

That text was accompanied with a photo of my grandson. He was adorned with a sling and a smile.

One call, added to the assurance of the smile in the photo, kept me out of "freaked out" mode.

It seems my grandson took a tumble off his scooter the night before. In the morning he couldn't dress without pain and tears while lifting his arm.

A trip to the doctor's office and then to the hospital for an x-ray led to the answer.

Diagnosis: Broken.  Fractured clavicle to be exact.

Goodbye baseball season (practice starts this week).

Hello button down shirts.

I'm sure the collar bone will heal fine. The hard part is going to keep this active little guy somewhat restricted for the next 4-6 weeks.

Have you ever had a "Broken" diagnosis?  


Maria Catalina Vergara Egan said...

My son broke his clavicle a few years ago. I have heard so many people say it seldom happens only one... so I do worry as he is wild on the skateboard!
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betty said...

Your poor grandson, especially not being able to participate in sports! You are right, it is hard to keep them relatively inactive while the injury heals. Son broke his wrist years ago the second day into summer vacation, LOL. Luckily he only had to wear the cast for 3 weeks, but those 3 weeks were a bit challenging.

Here's hoping your grandson makes a complete recovery (which I'm thinking at his age he should be able to do)


MS said...

Maria - That's what I am afraid about with this little guy. He never stops moving!

Betty- Thanks for stopping by! I told my daughter that kids grow up with character as they get their bumps and bruises from playing. lol