Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Angels (The Snowy Kind)

In 2015 many of us experienced a plethora of snow.  Too much even.  Perhaps we have seen the last snow of this season. In my world the last few fluffy flakes floated to the ground four days ago. With April dawning, we are promised warmer days ahead. 
When we do get an inch or more of  the white stuff, snow angels begin to appear in people's yards.  What fun it is to carefully find a patch of fresh snow and create the angel.  Little kids seem to get especially excited and I have seen more than a few big kids relishing their angel mark.

I'd like to think there are angels around my neighborhood all year long and when that first significant snow comes around they become visible.  

When's the last time you've made a snow angel?  



Anonymous said...

Actually, I have never seen so much snow. It never snows in the part of India I live in so Snow Angels is a new word for me.

AdventuresAbroad4Me said...

Love!!! Very fun to think about!!

Emma said...

We haven't had proper snow on the ground here in my part of the UK for more than a couple of hours this year and not at all last year as far as I remember - and definitely not that deep.

Wendy LaPlaca said...

Wow... I'm not sure I can remember the last time I made a snow angel. I live in the desert now where we have dust devils instead :)

Good luck with the AtoZChallenge!

betty said...

I do feel for some of you that have gotten SO MUCH snow this year! Been years since I made a snow angel, I'm thinking probably in the early 2000's when we were still living in Montana :) Now in much more pleasant climates :)


MS said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by!

Michele Kimbrough said...

It's been so long ago, I couldn't tell you when the last time I made a snow angel. Nice post. Hanging out with you from A-Z