Tuesday, June 16, 2015


When people think of Americans, what do they think?

You may or may not find surprising how others think of us (Americans) in the clip below.  The question is asked "How do you distinguish Americans from others?"  Watch and see if how we see ourselves is how others see us.

Americans are plump, loud, eat hamburgers & drink a lot, don't care about how they look, and yet are positive and confident.  I think the best quote is that when you speak to an American you can smell freedom.

What kind of stereotypes might we hold on others?  (youth, religious, the poor,  Europeans, Africans, Asians, etc)

This brings me to two actions:
  • We must take a look at ourselves.  Do others see the true us?  Does how we think of ourselves align with how others see us? 
  • We must take a look at how we see others. Do we carry any stereotypes? Do our stereotypes color how we interact with others?  


What stereotype of Americans do you find most surprising?

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