Saturday, May 16, 2015

Zoo Overnighter

This week I took my class and a handful of their parents to spend the night at the zoo.  It was great fun!  We went in after hours and had the whole zoo to ourselves. 

 Two zoo staff planned a program of activities for us and accompanied us as we explored the zoo.  After dark we went back out and explored again paying attention to the nocturnal animals.  Finally, exhausted yet exhilarated we headed back to the exploration outpost and hit the sack. 

 Early morning we woke and had a light breakfast ( and lots of coffee for me) and went back out to see the animals again.  This was before the zoo officially opened for the day.  

Our day ended at the stingray exhibit where we were able to pet the stingrays that came up to us.  
Our guides shared a lot of information with us and talked about conservation and how to save animals.  

It was a good trip but everyone was tired as we traveled back home 24 hours later. 


betty said...

Looked like lots of fun! I'm sure the kids will not forget this field trip!


Rob Z Tobor said...

I have not been to a zoo in a long time and they can be great fun. May if things chill a bit it might not be a bad idea.

Paula Kaye said...

What a fun trip. I can imagine that kids were very excited. I am visiting on the A to Z Road Trip., Hope to see you around.

MS said...

Betty - The kids could not stop talking about all that we experienced!

Rob - I was very worried about the heat- I don't like it! But the weather was on the cooler side the first day and nice the second day as soon as the rain stopped.

Paula- It was great fun. The not fun part was sleeping on the hard floor. :)


Stephanie Finnell said...

Overnighting at the zoo. What an experience! Visiting on the Road Trip.