Thursday, April 16, 2015


The view from my world today is nightmares.

I don't often have nightmares, or at least I don't remember having them.  But there are times when I wake up and I am scared.  I usually pull up the blankets and listen carefully for unexplained noises.  Then I try to fall back asleep.

But the strangest nightmare happened to me this week.
I realized I was having a scary dream and so I wasn't truly terrified.  It was more like I was enjoying a scary movie.  In my dream, a person was plotting to kill me and so I began to yell for help.

Little did I realize, but I was actually yelling in my sleep.

I felt so embarrassed as I was brought back to the land of the awakened to find my daughter peering at me and asking me if I was ok.  "Sure" I answered.  Then she told me that she heard me yelling for help.


Have you had troublesome nightmares lately? 


i b arora said...

sometimes i am aware that what i am seeing is a dream but still dream haunts. my post for the day is also about a real nightmare i had a few days back.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Nightmares are no fun, especially if you come from a family of sleep-talkers - like I do.

betty said...

I haven't in a bit, but I have had nightmares that I groan and moan in my sleep but I never remember what the dream might be about. Interestingly, might be hereditary as my mom did the same thing. They indeed can be scary!