Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Finding Luck

The definition of luck is a chance happening at success.  But according to certain superstitions you can help your luck along by these five ways:   
  1. Find a four-leaf clover, have good luck.   
  2. Find a penny, pick it up.  All day long you'll have good luck. 
  3. Carry a rabbit's foot for good luck. 
  4. Cross your fingers for good luck. 
And finally ....
      5.  Luck is bound to be near ...when pigs fly  

Have a lucky day! 


moondustwriter said...

how cute!!!
Hope you've had a great Tuesday and a fun A to Z thus far...

Donna McDine said...

Terrific post...may luck be with you always!

betty said...

Cute pig :) Maybe I better start picking up the pennies I see. I leave them for little kids to find, but maybe I need them to increase my luck :)