Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I believe it is important to examine ourselves and to make changes as necessary to improve ourselves.  I am a very reflective person.   This year my team and I have had some challenges and opposition.  We examine ourselves.  We have made tweaks to the system.

And still the opposition comes.  It comes to undermine our character.  To devalue us.  Rarely has it been constructive criticism-- something which we can address.

It makes me wonder -  why.  Why?  Why does it continue?   I have no doubt that I have room to improve- to become better as a person.  Do I need to examine our program again and again and again to please one or two people?  Or do I do the best I can and continue to examine things regularly and just let the chips fall where they may.  

Help me Lord to be the most excellent version of myself.  Examine me and test my thoughts.  Help me to listen to all and not hear only the ones who condemn.  

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betty said...

Sounds like you work for my company, but I think that's almost the way of management and businesses these days; very disheartening at times especially when one knows they are doing a good job.