Friday, July 11, 2014

Resisting Temptation

I do not consider myself as one who sews.  Nevertheless I found myself in a fabric store recently looking at the plethora of fabrics. 
Red, yellow, green, blue.  
Stripes, polka dots, calico, animal print.  
Cotton, sheer, woolly.    
There was every kind of fabric that one could want. 

I found myself getting lost in thought as I peered through all that was available.  My quick run in to pick up an item took nearly an hour and a half!  I almost ....not quite, but almost.....came away with fabric and sewing notions to make a project.  

If I had succumb to the tantalizing ideas that swirled in my head, the fabric would have landed with the other half-baked ideas that sit in a closet just waiting to be brought to a finish.   Next time I will wear blinders when I visit this store.  

Do you have any unfinished or never started projects tucked away somewhere? 



betty said...

I don't have any unfinished or not started project because I got rid of them all, LOL, when we moved 3 years ago and I made it an effort not to get anything I won't complete, though I'm like you, sometimes I walk past the fabric department at Wal-Mart and get inspired, but just for a minute.....

My mom used to like to do craft kits so we kids would buy them for her for Christmas or birthday. About five years before she died she asked us to stop buying kits because she wanted to make sure she finished everything. I'll have to check with my sister if my mom did, but knowing my mom, she probably did so :)


MS said...

Instead of looking at the store, I should just look through my stash. No doubt there is some unfinished one that will catch my eye again.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Uhm, I still have pieces for a quilt that I cut out nearly 25 years ago. I have to stay away from fabric stores because I can't just buy one yard of one thing. And, of course, I don't do anything about it right away.

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