Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Damaging Storm

 Earlier this week a storm whipped up and left a lot of damage to different neighborhoods in my city.  Gusts or 70 mph were registered, and there were reports of hearing train-like noises.  No tornadoes, thankfully, but high winds only can do tornado-like damage.    This poor tree (shown above) was a victim of the wind.  It was a lovely tree providing lots of shade.  It is my neighbor's tree and it fell towards my house.  

The tree clipped the corner of my house as it fell that night--and in fact was resting along my roof.  Damage to my house looks like it was limited to the gutter, but I haven't been able to get up there to take a close look yet.

The swing set also took a hit from the tree. I'm going to have to check it well -- I think its joints have been stressed.

The news reports let us track this storm across the plains to the east and it continued to leave a trail of debris in its wake.  Nature let us know that we are not truly in control of things, even though we sometimes think we are.


betty said...

Wow, that was some storm! Glad no one got hurt when the tree fell; hope it will just be minimal damage when it is all sorted out.


MS said...

I got the tree removed yesterday and it looks like the gutter is just a little mangled. Bad news is it won't reach my insurance deductible, good news is I think my sons can fix it on their own.