Sunday, June 1, 2014

Wedding Bells are Ringing!

"Goin' to the chapel and we're... gonna get married..."

My son got married over Memorial Day weekend and it was a great day.  The ceremony was held outside near a small lake and it was so beautiful and peaceful.  Afterwards we had a barbecue and celebrated the day.

The bride was preceded by my grandchildren.  They did a great job of walking down the aisle -- I have to admit that when I first heard they were going to be in the wedding, I was nervous they would be too timid to make it with all the guests staring at them. But they surprised me! The only blip on their part was at the beginning when my granddaughter threw some rose petals out of her basket then bent down to gather them up again.  her brother saved the day by getting her to walk down the aisle.  Then again at the end of the aisle, my granddaughter didn't want to sit down-- she wanted to stay up with the bride and groom until every last petal was out of the basket.  It was so cute.

We got her finally to sit down with us and the bride came down the aisle to greet my son.  They shared vows, were pronounced husband & wife, and then my son got to "kiss the bride!"

This mama is happy to welcome a new daughter-in-law to the family !


Su-sieee! Mac said...

Oooh, that's a cute dress your granddaughter is wearing.I can just see her tossing the roses, then picking them up. That would make a great picture book tale.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we went to the 60th wedding anniversary of the Husband's uncle and aunt. So much fun.

Congrats to the new bride and groom! :-)

The View from the Top of the Ladder

betty said...

Congrats to the bride and groom! Too cute about the flower girl wanting to retrieve her flower petals! Wishing your son and his new bride lots of happiness in the years to come!


MS said...

Thanks Su-sieee and Betty!

Click said...

Aw, congratulations to you and your family.

The story about your granddaughter is so sweet, I bet she'll be reminded of it in the years to come.

I've got a family wedding coming up soon and I'm quite looking forward to it.