Monday, June 2, 2014


(June??  How can it be June already? )

June means many things.  In June:

  • school bells ceasing and children happy to finish out their school year 
  • the heat  of the day becomes difficult as the temperature rises
  • pretty flowers bloom in the garden 
  • a/c bills increase as the appliance strains to keep the house cool 
  • skin reddens and burns if sunblock is not applied regularly  
  • swimming pools fill with water and with kids
  • vacation season commences --some have short trips and some take longer ones 
  • wedding announcements multiply in the newspaper 
  • summer school starts --parents are happy to have somewhere to send their children so they don't have to hear "I'm bored!"  
  • clothing gets skimpier as the day gets hotter 
  • flip-flops reign 
  • ice cream becomes a steady dessert
  • evenings sitting on the deck with a cool drink 
  • mosquitoes enjoying a feast of their unsuspecting human host 

What do you think of when June rolls around? 


betty said...

I like the list of summer time activities that you mentioned here, except for the higher electric bills with the AC.

June makes me think of June Gloom, our cloudy gray weather we usually have this month. The plus side is I can still run the oven for a meal or two when it is cooler outside. Usually when it is hot summer months, we don't use it as it heats the house up too much.

I too can't believe it is June; this year has passed by so fast.


MS said...

Betty- It is almost always hot and humid here beginning in June. Not so fun when the heat of the day spurns on severe tornadic storms.

Sherry Ellis said...

I think summer vacation, and lots of kids around!