Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"They Grow Up so Fast!"

"They grow up so fast!"

This comment is muttered frequently this time of year as school-age kids are finishing up their programs.   It is a time of transitions.

Preschoolers become kindergartners and elementary students become middle schoolers who become high schoolers.

Seniors in high school are ready to gain independence and move on to college or make their way into the world.  Similarly college seniors receive their credentials and eagerly venture into"the real world."

This year I've got three moving forward to new things

  • Kristen is my cousin's daughter. She is independent and so intelligent.  She is graduating from her class of 30 and will head off to Drake University in the fall to pursue the sciences.  
  • Lexis is the daughter of my daughter's best friend.  She is smart and very athletic.  She graduates with honors and has plans to further her education in Wisconsin on an athletic scholarship. 
  • Dane is my grandson.  He is handsome, witty, and amazing.  (I may have a bit of a bias!)  He plans to play baseball, swim, and build things this summer then begin kindergarten in the fall.  

So to all the graduates everywhere I give the words of Dr. Seuss: 

Today is the day! 
Your mountain is waiting
so get on your way. 

Do you have any new graduates in your life? 


betty said...

Congrats to all the graduates! Wishing them all well as they move into their next season of life!

No graduates this year for us; won't have until next year when my niece graduates college :)


Maria Dunn said...

It is that time of year to note the speed of life. One day they are babes, the next they are having them. It really is the blink of an eye. Congratulations to your graduates and mine. Maria,

Arlee Bird said...

Kids grow up way too fast or my time is just flying faster that I'd like to see. My kids are all headed towards 30 or past it. They've got kids of their own and that will be my next generation of graduates.

Wrote By Rote

MS said...

Betty- thanks for the well-wishes.

Maria - Best wishes for your graduates!

Arlee Bird - Why is it that our time goes faster the older we get? I wonder if there is some scientific proof beyond my anecdotal evidence.


Su-sieee! Mac said...

That's a perfect quote for graduations of all sorts. I feel like I'm in that time of just hanging out before graduation day. Have no idea when that day takes place, but it sure feels soon.
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