Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zany Friends

I have some zany friends.  Maybe it is because I am more on the serious or reserved side and I need a little zany in my life to keep balanced. Or perhaps I am actually zany too but just hide it well.

One thing about having zany friends is that you can find yourself in some interesting situations and there is usually a lot of laughing involved.

In the picture below, this zany friend and I were on a road trip and found ourselves at the American Gothic house. She insisted that we dress up as if in the famous painting. She and I have had many adventures together, not all of them zany but all of them memorable.  I am blessed to have my friends, zany or not.   

Do you have zany friends or are you the zany one? 


Maria Dunn said...

Absolutely! Love my zany friends and my zany family. The more laughter we can add to life to make it all the richer. Enjoy those zany friends and congratulations on finishing the challenge all the way through Z. Maria, Delight Directed Living

Ronda said...

I do. And I'm so glad I do, they keep me from getting to serious. Congratulations on meeting the challenge!

Gail M Baugniet - Author said...

For the most part, zany has to come from my friends and I do have a few. They always lighten up the day for me!
Ho'omaika'i (Congratulations) on completing the AtoZChallenge; and Happy "May Day is Lei Day" Hawaii tomorrow! Gail visiting for AtoZ

MS said...

I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one who has some zaniness in my life. Truly, it does give some brevity to our busy and sometimes stressful lives.

Thanks to all for coming and reading my posts during this A-to-Z challenge. It's been a blast!


betty said...

What a cute picture! Glad you went along and got "zany" with your friend :)

I'm the serious one married to a zany :)

Looking forward to keeping up with you after the challenge is over!

Congrats on finishing it!


Rob Z Tobor said...

Folk tend to say I am just odd . . . thanks visiting, I have a hardcore of loyal followers (well just a handful).

Well done on making it to Z it can be a bit of a game at times, and all the very best for the future. I will continue to follow. Hopefully I will get to comment a bit more now the challenge is over as I was determined to visit every blog, so thats 2000+ which is sort of a lot

MS said...

My admiration to you for getting to all the blogs. You're right- it's sort of a lot :)

Arlee Bird said...

Zany is fun and life should have a good dose of fun in it. I'm perfectly capable of being zany when need be.

Congratulations on finishing A to Z!

I'm now following your blog.

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