Monday, April 28, 2014

X marks the Spot

X marks the spot...not for buried treasure but for precious refreshment & recreation.  

I spent the weekend away from the regular busyness of my everyday life to travel a few hours for a change in scenery.  

The picture above is just before sunrise over the lake.  At that time of the morning, the air was chilled, and the only thing I could hear were birds calling out their morning songs.  The water was smooth as glass and peaceful.  One couldn't help but to soak in the beauty of nature and appreciate creation.  

My soul was replenished.  

Now I am ready to head back to everyday.  Refreshed, relaxed, and rested.   

What do you do to get refreshed? 


Gail M Baugniet - Author said...

Taking a walk always refreshes me. I always carry my camera so I can add new scenery shots, whether a colorful flower or unusual cloud, to my computer photo album.
Gail visiting for AtoZ

Anonymous said...

I get refreshed by MY "X marks the spot"! Haha--we chose the same subject for our x posts, but mine IS a treasure--the treasure of finding an elusive ancestor in the hunt for dead relatives. Mwwaahhhhaahaha! So glad I stopped by before the challenge ends. Your other posts look intriguing and I will view them as well! Cheers, Gail

betty said...

I love the view where you were ag; a good place to get refreshed! I like just to sit in quiet to get refreshed, complete quiet.


MS said...

Gail M. B.
Taking walks in the cool of the day is relaxing for me. I imagine you have wonderful scenery to immerse yourself in!

MS said...

Gail (Seezooeyrun) -
I am so glad you stopped by today. I am a little sad that the challenge is almost over. There are so many challengers that I haven't read yet. Please come back and visit!

MS said...

The lake was a very tranquil place especially in the early mornings. It cannot compare to your beautiful seaside though.

Our country is full of diverse regions and topography-- no seas or large mountains here,but we do have other beautiful landforms and scenery.

Maria Dunn said...

Beautiful spot, Mary. It is great to get that rest and refreshment for our souls. God bless, Maria, Delight Directed Living