Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for Upkeep

Owning a home has the unfortunate consequence of upkeep.  The older the home the more the upkeep there is to do.  And unfortunately, every year my home gets a year older.

Here is some of the upkeep that I need to do this year on my home (I am sure I am forgetting some of it)

  • clean out the gutters
  • re-mulch the mulched areas of yard
  • remove and replace bushes/plants that did not make it through the harsh winter
  • change the filters in the heater/air conditioner
  • shampoo carpets ( replace carpets within a few years) 
  • inspect roof and make any necessary repairs 
  • paint inside walls this year or next 

Sometimes I wish I could wave my wand and let everything be done.  

Or twitch my nose like Samantha.  

Then I wake up to reality.  And I do the next best thing.  

I call my son.  

What is your least favorite upkeep chore around the house? 


betty said...

This is silly but I have 2 unfavorite chores; I don't like unstacking the dishes or folding laundry :)

You are right, it is hard to upkeep a house. It is nice to have a house of one's own, but it always makes renting real attractive :)


Linda Stewart said...

Hi Mary
Agree completely, the upkeep is on-going and when one reaches the end of the list it's time to start again. We are in the process of selling our home to downsize to something with smaller grounds and less maintenance.

MS said...

Laundry and dishes are two of my least favorites too!

MS said...

I downsized a few years ago. Makes things easier however, some things always need to be done. The "to-do" mountain is never completely done.