Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Lipstick

What do you notice with the picture above? 

If you noticed there are three shades of lipstick, you would be right.  

If you noticed that 2 lipsticks are nearly used and 1 still has a good amount, you would be right.  

If you noticed a frustrated consumer sitting at the side, you would be right.  You would also have super-hero sight.  

Why do cosmetic companies insist on changing their shades and not continuing with the hues that they have already developed?  It seems with each new season companies roll out a new line of colors and get rid of last year's shades.  

By golly,  I LIKE the shade of lipstick that I use.  And every year I have to find a new shade!   

Granted all three of these lipstick shades are very close in color-- but not quite.  And that "not quite" can change a whole way that one looks.  How would you like it if the closest you can find to "yummy plummy" is "mauve mania" or some other cousin in the same color family --"magnificent mauve"?   Worse yet --- what will be waiting at the counter when it is time to replenish my stock?   

So if I were a beauty queen and asked the question of what I wish for the world-- you just might hear me say "Consistent Lipstick Shades that never retire."  

After World Peace of course. 



Michelle Stanley said...

I have my favourites which I can't find, and hate when this happens with stuff from Bath & Body fragrances, etc. Not fair. AtoZer

thelmaz said...

So true. I'm with you; however, for years my mom wore Revlon Fire and Ice nail polish and it never went out of the line.
Visiting from the A to Z Challenge. Hope you'll visit back. My theme this year is quirky quotes.

betty said...

That can be frustrating! I found it with the jeans I like to wear. The style is about the same, but the quality of the fabric is not. Keep things the same, its okay if you have to charge an extra penny or two for it, but don't change it!


MS said...

Michelle, Thelma and Betty-- thanks for stopping to read my blog. I appreciate your comments!
Come back and visit sometime!

MS said...
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