Wednesday, April 2, 2014


This little bunny lives by me.  I'll call her Betty.  Who knows?  She may be related to the Easter Bunny! Betty has left evidence in my yard as she burrows for her home. Little tufts of fur can be seen occasionally floating on the wind or stuck on some nearby weeds. Once when moving some fallen leaves away from my house, a handful of baby bunnies no bigger than my fingers scurried away.

Here are some facts about bunnies:

  • More than half the world's population of bunnies live in North America
  • A female bunny is called a doe, a male bunny is called a buck
  • Baby bunnies are called kits 
  • A bunny has 28 teeth and those teeth never stop growing 
  • Bunnies are recognized as symbols of fertility & rebirth and often associated with Easter and spring 
Betty and I can peacefully coexist as long as she does not bother me or chew on my plants too much. Bunnies may be cute and cuddly to some, but to me-- the best bunny is a chocolate bunny!  

Do you have cute and cuddly creatures living in your yard?  


Inger said...

My husband agrees with you about the chocolate bunnies.

Susan Kane said...

Bunnies here exist only in the "green belt" between houses, and out in the brushes areas. Dark Choc. is my favorite!

Julia said...

I agree that bunnies are cute and cuddly, but like you, I think chocolate bunnies are preferable. I did capture a photograph of an adorable bunny once that used to scamper around our apartment complex.

MS said...

Thanks for visiting today everyone! I think we should all go out and get us some chocolate bunnies now. This time of the year the stores are plentiful!

Linda :) said...

Each morning as I go to work I see three bunnies hopping around the neighbors yard... I'm not sure if they are wild or pets... Bunnies are cute but chocolate ones are better especially the white ones... Thanks for stopping by... :)

Suzanne McClendon said...

Yes! We have quite a few cats out there. Our house is the designated kool-aid house for cats. They all congregate here. :)

I think that bunnies are adorable. While I like chocolate, the chocolate bunnies always taste funny to me. :)

Have a great week!