Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's Day

April 1st known as April Fool's Day is a day that is fun for some people and yet strikes fear in others. Observed in many countries around the world, this day is not a holiday but a cultural tradition. How do you face April Fool's day?

As a child I used to love April Fool's Day.  I would try to think up little pranks and tricks to play on my mother and my sisters.  For some reason, I never payed any on my father!

This was back in the day when telephones were adhered firmly to the wall.  I would somehow get the phone to ring with no one on the other end.  I would then yell to my mother that it was a call for her. She would have to set down whatever she was doing to come to the kitchen (where the phone was located). I would be snickering in the next room as I listened & watched her puzzlement as she tried to figure out who was trying to call her.   Hilarious then, not-so-much now.

Or I would hide a shoe from each pair of shoes in the closet so that the wearer would have to search and search until they realized it was a joke.   Yeah, I know, I am not so creative.
As an adult who works with children during the work week, April Fool's Day is a day that I hope falls on a weekend. I quasi-dread it.   It is a day that one needs to be alert, to be attentive. You never know what kind of prank the children will try to pull on you.   You may find something on your chair-- like a tack, piece of gum, or a whoopee cushion.  Usually it is the latter   ~ they love to see you make embarrassing noises.   They may bring you treats--but be careful about eating them!  Who knows what the treat may contain.  

There are some great April Fool's Day tricks you can play on kids, but you have to be careful.  Some children are more sensitive than others and find it harder to take a joke than others.  It is best to play it safe and go very mild with any April Fool's day pranks.

With younger children I have surprised them by telling them I have made them brownies.  I then give each child a letter "E" that is cut from brown construction paper.  "Brown e's" -- get it?    Only because I am nice will I have some brownies of the chocolate kind  to give out later to soothe them.

I have taken children on a hunt to find the Looflirpa bird. It is a rare bird that is only around in spring. It is somewhat like going snipe hunting.  With older children one needs to be a bit more sophisticated - don't think looking for the rare bird will work with them!

Be vigilant wherever you happen to be this April Fool's Day!
There may be a cup perched precariously above the door you are about to enter, you may find the lid to the salt shaker unscrewed as you salt your fries, or you may find your tennis shoes mysteriously tied together after sitting for a time.  You have been warned!

Have you been a party to any April Fool's Day pranks ?  


Carolyn Brown said...

From your post, I guess you are a teacher?

At work today one ladies was pranked. Every item on her desk had been moved to the other side and upended. She took it well.

Welcome to the challenge, I hope you enjoy the experience.


Stepheny Houghtllin said...

Stopping in on the first day of the #challenge. Hope you find new blogging friends. This is my 2nd year and it was a great learning experience last year. If gardening appeals to you, come and see me if you can. Have fun.

Gail M Baugniet - Author said...

Glad to hear you have some real brownies waiting in the wings. I'm not a kid, but even I would be upset to learn there was no chocolate!
Gail visiting for AtoZ

Leanne Ross said...

One year I told everyone I was pregnant. When my husband finally woke up from passing out on the floor, I yelled "APRIL FOOLS."

There was NO chance I was going to get pregnant after that. HA!

Leanne Ross ( readfaced.wordpress.com & @LeanneRossRF )

Ronda said...

I love the brown-E's idea! Happy Alpha-blogging! Thanks for stopping by!

MS said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by here today! I did have a child play a trick on me today, but it was mild and all in fun! I did not reciprocate.

Suzanne McClendon said...

YES! but thankfully not in many years. Wayyyyyyyy back in 1997, my husband sent a totally humiliating letter out to at least one of my friends. He and the friend thought it uproariously funny. I was devastated. I have yet to top this, but I don't particularly want to humiliate him either.

I have done little things to him like switching the functions of his mouse buttons and switching him home page, and trivial things like that.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I've gotten pranked by my daughters a few times--they are really good at it. I fall for it every time! Gail stopping by from the A-Z