Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Forward

Last weekend was the dreaded "spring forward" ritual where we voluntarily lose an hour of our time - not to be seen again until the first weekend in November.

I say dreaded because it seems to take about a week for me to recover from this 60 minute shift. I am tired when it is time to be awake and wide awake when it is time to be asleep.

"Spring" forward alludes to the season of its namesake and I sure hope that spring will be here soon.  This has been a weary winter. Mother Nature has been teasing us....a couple days of  warm weather followed by frigid air masses and snow.  Something new was introduced to us this year: the polar vortex. What next?   Today temperature reached 80 degrees Fahrenheit, then quickly fell 30 degrees in a matter of hours. Snow is expected before tomorrow.  Where is the spring?

I do not mind having the sunset an hour later.  Instead of setting at 6:00 pm it is now setting around 7:00 pm and getting later daily.  It is good grilling time--- deck time--- take a walk time--- play outside till late time---all somewhat dependent on the weather of course.

The flipside of this though--- is that sunrise is also an hour later now.   That means that I am getting up in the dark.  I am getting ready for the day in the dark and I am leaving my home to go to work in the dark.  

Daylight in the evening, darkness in the morning --- my brain is confused!

So to recap- this past week, I :
  • have lost one hour 
  • am very tired 
  • am waiting for spring while the forecast says snow 
  • have more daylight in the evenings
  • have darkness in the mornings
  • am confused 

Maybe next week will be better!   


Carolyn Brown said...

Sounds like you are well and truly over winter. Just dropping by to say hi from A-Z Challenge.


MS said...

Thanks for stopping by! I sure hope winter is over, but I am not holding my breath!