Friday, February 21, 2014

Hospital Time

My sister spent time in the hospital last week.  She had pulmonary embolisms.  That is blood clots in her lungs.  This is potentially life threatening and it was a very emotional time for us.
Read her story here.   The thing is --- my sister is a healthy gal.  She is active, she eats healthy, she has no unhealthy habit that I can think of.  So to get the call that she was not well was a shock.

This week she is better-- healing- on medication, needing to make some modifications for awhile.  A new perspective perhaps. I know I have one.
We never know what may befall us.


Rob Z Tobor said...

Hello I am passing from the A to Z. . . . . I hope you sister is OK, sometimes you just can not tell what is going to happen.

The A to Z can be like that a bit. It can be really good to do, but working in advance and having posts written and ready to go can help a lot.

Good luck
Rob Z Tobor

MS said...

Thanks Rob -- She is healing and dealing with this turn of events.
Thanks for the A-Z tip -- I look forward to the challenge! - Mary