Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Here are some photos from this Christmas season as we have been preparing to celebrate the birth of Christ. 

I usually don't put outside Christmas decorations up, but this year was an exception.  The whole neighborhood had decorated and I felt I needed to make the circle complete.  They weren't much but it does make the neighborhood look good to see each house lit up in some way.  

I went full-fledge for a tree this year also.  My artificial tree had to be thrown out a couple years ago and I haven't had a tree the last couple years.  This year I wanted to have one mostly so my grandkids could experience their Grandma's house with Christmas memories.  I hope they will remember coming over and seeing the ornaments with their names and checking out the gifts underneath the tree.  I got the tree right after Thanksgiving and I think I got a nicely shaped one.  My grandson has helped me to water it when he comes over.

Once night when the grandkids were over we made some Christmas tree crafts.  It was their suggestion to put them in the tree.

The night my grandkids spent the night we had a visit from their "Elves on the shelf" - Jingle and Belle.  In the morning we found them worshiping the baby Jesus in the Nativity Scene, just like the three wise men who had come to worship the newborn babe.

The season would not be complete without a visit to the local Magic Tree or to a Christmas program.

This program was my cousin's preschool class singing "Go Tell it on the Mountain" and "Jingle Bell Rock."   What a fun time!

What are some Christmas activities that you have done this year?

Don't forget the reason for the season~
Merry Christmas!