Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What is Up with That ?

I was working at the department store a few Saturdays ago and it was quite busy with people taking advantage of the sales and incentive campaigns.  I like it when it is busy because time goes so fast and I am never bored. 

I love to see what people have decided to purchase--it is almost like my own personal shopping tour-- I do not have to go look for things I want.  If I see something I really like, I just ask the customer where they found the item. After my shift ends I am then free to go get one for myself.

As I was checking a customer out, another customer comes up to me and tells me something that shocks me.  "There is poop in the aisle of one of the departments. I am not sure if it is human or dog poop."    What???  Oh my gosh.  Well, since there are no dogs in the store, I can only imagine that it must be of the human kind.   I thanked the customer for letting me know and immediately called the manager to inform them so it could be cleaned up.   Soon I saw the manager come walking towards that department with the custodial staff and a broom/mop and dust pan.  I assume they found it and took care of it-- but really

Who does this kind of thing???  Who goes in to a place of business and defecates on the floor?  What is wrong with some people?  

What is up with that? 

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