Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Working Retail

I work a few hours a week in a major retail department store.  It is an interesting job that I like because there is always something humorous, quirky, tragic, interesting, pretty, weird, or [insert other adjective here] that amuses me.  But isn't that the way any time you deal with people?  We humans are such an interesting lot. 

As one of the gatekeepers at this department store, everyone who has to pass by me or by one of my co-gatekeepers.  We finalize the purchase transactions.  That's right - we take the money, check or  credit card and we put your merchandise into handy sacks to be carried out the door which is close by.   Even those people who decide not to buy anything have to walk by us as they make their way to the door and leave.

Working retail has its advantages and disadvantages.  As a person who is not that fond of shopping myself, I find it very helpful to help people check out their purchases.  I get to see all the merchandise and the sale prices close up.  If I see something I really like or need, I do not have to shop around for it.  I know just where to get it, how much it costs, and what department to find it in.   Sadly, the flipside of this is that I have spent a lot of my paychecks as I make them.