Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pyonghwa (Peace)

Lily              Julie              Chae-Young              Junho              Euna 

Lynn         Lucas         Jason        Younghyun    Clara    Arrina 

These former students of mine have been in my thoughts of late.   I had the privilege to teach these young Korean citizens during part of the year or so that they spent in the United States while their parents were visiting professors at the local University.  Some were fluent in English and some knew no English at all, but most could speak at least a few words when I first met them.  Each of these English language learners have returned back to their native land of South Korea, but they will forever have a special place in my heart.
When I see the news of North Korea's leader making threats of war and posturing his military, it makes me think of my young students who live so close.  Although I feel the North Korean leader is babbling rhetoric and idle threats, I also feel the world is in a precarious place and evil abounds. 

My students are not my only connection to Korea.  While I have never been there, my daughter lived there and taught there for five years.  It is a beautiful country.  She has visited the demilitarized zone which is the area surrounding the North and South Korean border.   It is heavily guarded by both armies.     So I pray that peace will prevail in the coming days and months; that wisdom will guide all those who are making decisions; and that God will give grace to my students keeping them safe and protecting them from all harm. Amen. 

While at the Demilitarized Zone 

Overlooking Seoul