Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fishing Boy

 Slice of Life # 4

"Grandma, I went fishin' !"   The little voice came across the phone and I could hear how excited  my gransdon still was from his expedition yesterday. 

"Did you catch any fish? "  
"How did you catch them?"
"With a pole."
"Are you going to eat them?"
"No!!!  We are going to eat other fish."
 "Well, I'm gonna call you the 'Fishing Boy' "

I love and am amazed as I watch my grandson grow.  He is a country boy just like his father, my son-in-law.   My heart just swells when I hear him call my name.  He is my heart.  There is no love like a grandmother's love.  Especially for her Fishing Boy.   

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