Saturday, February 18, 2012

Reading for Lent

The season of lent is nearly upon us. 

Lent is the 40 days preceeding Easter. It begins Wednesday, February 22.    

Christians use this time to fast, pray, confess, and give to others as a means of a type of spiritual tune-up.  It is a time of spiritual reflection and renewal.  The lenten season is highly varied across denominations and across individuals.  Some Christians adhere to all the elements of lent, others may decide to give up something they treasure during this time, and still others may not outwardly manifest any lenten behaviors.  Christians become closer to God in anticipation of Easter.

To help, Bible Gateway has three easter - devotional newsletters you can sign up to have emailed to you. 
One is for reading through the gospels during lent.  This one is sent daily.
One is Lent Devotions with scripture readings and various devotional thoughts.  This one is sent a few tiems a week.
The last one is specific to the Story of Jesus - His life and ministry.  This is sent daily. 

You can sign up at Bible Gateway  for all three or just one or two.  It is up to you.

During this season, I am going to be reading the gospels again. 

What will you do during this time to prepare for Easter ?  

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