Saturday, January 28, 2012

Birthday Snow!

 When I was a little girl I had a prediction about the weather.  If we did not have a white Christmas, then I forecast that I would get a white birthday.  This was reasonable because my birthday is in January. Oftentimes it held true. One or the other (or both) always had snow.

This year the weather has been very mild.  Christmas was balmy.  January has had several days reaching near 60 degrees.   The other night , the weather person on TV said that this year, with a mere two inches of snowfall this season, it is the 3rd least amount of snow EVER recorded for our area since they have been keeping track.   I suppose it is making up for last year when we had a total of 45 inches of snow, making it one of our snowiest.

So imagine my delight when I wake up this morning -- my birthday -- to find -- SNOW!!
Not much...but it is snow.  Somehow it makes me happy. 
It will be fleeting - the sun will soon warm the day and melt the snow away.  But for now I will choose to believe that the snow is a birthday present to me.  Perhaps my parents convinced Mother Nature to send this gift to let me know they are watching over me and to wish me a Happy Birthday.
Hooray for Birthday Snow!


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