Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What's Up with That?


I stopped by a  pizza place this afternoon to pick up pizza for dinner.  I had called it in earlier and timed it so I was there to pick it up soon after the time I was given for it to be done.  It was right before the typical dinner hour and there was only one car in the parking lot as I pulled in.

There was maybe 6 or 7 employees standing behind the counter when I walked up to it.  The person standing at the cash register was talking business to one of them--something about money needed for a delivery.  Two others were having a casual conversation about the upcoming dinner hour.  The others were sort of just milling around.  I stood there for a moment waiting for the person at the register to finish her business with the delivery person and turn to me. 

I waited...and waited...and waited...and waited some more.  She finished the conversation and so I prepared to tell her that I had a take out order to pick up.  She was very engaged with the register. 
I looked to other of the other 6 people  just standing there.  No one looked at me.  No one acknowledged that I was even standing there.  I could have been invisible!  I opened my purse and got out my wallet hoping to cue them to at least say hello. 
I waited some more. 
I waited.........  and waited.......and still waited. 

Finally, a server looked at me and asked if I had a take out order.  I said yes and gave him my name.  He want and got my pizza.  

How long should it take for a person to be waited on after entering a restaurant?  

I can understand if it is busy.  I have a food service back ground, I sympathise with getting everything taken care of!   But to not even acknowledge me?  These people were not even busy.  They were just standing there.  Someone should have said hello very soon after I got to the counter.   Since there was so many workers just standing at the counter, someone should have asked to help me immediately,  Even if it is not their specific job. 

Come on people!  And we wonder why business is slow.....  Show a little customer service!  Make me feel like you want me there and appreciate my business.  My time is money too,  you know.

 Is the problem a lack of training?  A lack of care?  A lack of ambition? 

If this kind of service keeps up they will have a lack of customers.

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