Thursday, November 17, 2011

I was in St. Louis recently.  St. Louis is the home of the baseball Cardinals who last month became champions in the World Series.  One of the players on the team who is well-liked and plays well is Albert Pujols. 

While in St. Louis, my friends and I came across this restaurant with a statue of Pujols outside.  The restaurant is named for the player and has memorabilia inside.  I don't know if Pujols owns the restaurant or if he has just lent his name to it.   The prices were moderate average to moderately high compared to other restaurants with the same cuisine.  I had a prime rib sandwich with fries and a strawberry daiquiri for about $18 before tip.  My taste was good.    My friend was not so happy with the taste of her sandwich.

I read that Pujols is now a free-agent and can decide to stay or move to other ball teams.  I wonder what will happen with this restaurant should he decide to leave the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Pujols did decide to leave the ST. Louis Cardinals and move to another ball team.  The restaurant has been renamed.  This makes me think his name was only lent to the restaurant and he really had little or nothing to do with it. 

Have you ever been to a restaurant named for a celebrity?    

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