Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday is not for me

The day after Thanksgiving.  You know what that means.....Black Friday.  Here are my reasons for not participating in this cultural event.

  1. Long lines - I heard one local store had a line of 1700 people waiting this morning. Crazy!
  2. Lack of sleep - Why would I want to wake up in the middle of the night to go shopping?
  3. Crowds - So many people, too much to do, not enough merchandise - enough said.
  4. Shopping in general - I have never been a "shopper" why start now?
  5. Crazy-  I just have to wonder what the US looks like to the rest of the world.  I think we're crazy when I see the reports on the news.  I dont need any help on being embarrassed on my own.
  6. No Christmas list - To be successful on Black Friday you must have a Christmas list.  My list is never ready by Thanksgiving Day.
  7. Sale anger - Whenever I see sales, I always have to wonder about the time I bought things at full price.  Usually it is the week before something goes on sale.  It makes me angry to think of all the money I really didn't need to pay.
  8. Stuffed recovery - I am still recovering from too much food on Thanksgiving to navigate crowded aisles.
  9. Budget constraints -  Black Friday = shopping cart full of items = $$$
  10. Plan B -  For those like me who choose to skip Black Friday, there is always Cyber Monday!

 Did you make a purchase on Black Friday?

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