Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy National Coffee Day

Coffee is my go-to drink.  I drink it everyday and can drink it morning, noon, and night.  The caffeine does not seem to affect me although sometimes I get a feeling to switch to plain water and I think it is my body telling me I have had enough caffeine for the day. 

I drink my coffee black.  This is good because otherwise I would be racking up calories throughout the day with my drink.  I do not like drinking coffee with milk or sugar, but recently I have broadened my horizons to start tasting things like latte's and cappuccinos.   This is because I have been volunteering at the coffee area of my church and they serve these things.  I figure I need to know about them.  I think at this point I have to be in the right mood to like them.  I just prefer a nice cup of straight joe.

My sister does make an awesome frozen drink with coffee, milk, & sugar.  It is a homemade frappaccino.  It is fantastic, but lots of calories! 

September 29 is National Coffee Day.  So go get a cup of coffee ( some places are having specials on coffee and some places are giving away free cups of coffee)  and enjoy! 

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