Friday, May 14, 2010

The neighbor dad is playing ball with his kids outside.  Dad is the pitcher, little sis is the batter, and big brother is the outfielder.   The pitcher's mound is in the street.   The batter's box is their side yard and the outfield is in my driveway across the street.   The problem is the little sis is a pretty good hitter and ball has twice now come and hit my house. 

I hate to be unneighborly, but I had to go out and ask them to move their game to somewhere else---like their back yard or somewhere because I didn't want the ball to break my window or something ( dent my siding, scratch the paint, or anything else that would cost me $).  

I think the dad was a little embarrassed, and I felt a little bad having to do it.  I am not usually a confronter on the home front, but it has been a heck of a day and I don't need a baseball causing me any trouble. 
I don't quite understand why someone is batting practice perpendicular instead of parallel to a house anyway.  *Sigh*

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