Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thank you Walmart ~ I think

While making my errand and grocery list for Walmart list this week I decided to reward myself for doing very well with not eating a bunch of junk food lately. ( Check out my other blog here for the details.)   I decided to pick up a pint of Starbucks Mocha Ice Cream.  A delight my sister turned me on to about a year ago, but I havent had it in a few months. 

So I made my list and picked my items up all the while looking forward to the afternoon when I would get home and have me some chocolately coffee yummy ice cream.  I waited to get it until last so it wouldn't melt. As I picked up the more healthy items on my list, I felt a twinge of guilt but I quickly rationalized that I deserved the ice cream.  When I reached the ice cream aisle, I looked for the shelf for the Starbucks.  It wasn't there.   I looked up and down the whole aisle thinking they moved it to a new location.   

It wasn't there because it they no longer carry it.  Darn!  So,  thank you Walmart for keeping me true to watching what I eat.  I think.   *sigh*

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