Saturday, March 13, 2010

Goodbye to my Thea

My aunt dies this week.  She was elderly and had told her grandaughter months ago that she was ready to go whenever the Lord called her.  Well, this week she was called. 

My Regrets:
Everytime I saw my aunt in the last few years she would ask me to come over to her house to visit.  I was too busy, but even more, I couldn't picture myself  just showing up at her house.  Now it is too late to make a visit.

My Fears:
My uncle whose age nears the century mark is now alone.  He has a daughter who will be staying with him and taking care of him, but his partner of 63 years is gone.  Statistics show that many times a left spouse will pass away within months of their spouse dying.  I fear my uncle dying soon.

My Surprise:
I found out from reading the obituary that my cousins have a step sister that I never knew about.  How was that kept such a secret from me?  

My Joy: 
In the busy culture that we live in, we don't take time out.  Reunions might be set, but some will not take the time or money to set apart that time for family. But when a loved one dies, most will make a diligent effort to return home out of respect if nothing less.  Seeing cousins from different branches of the family and having the time to visit with them gives me joy.

May my thea's memory be eternal.

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