Thursday, January 7, 2010

The view today is *SNOW*

This is the view from my world today--from my window overlooking the front yard to be exact.  The snow began falling at 2 pm yesterday afternoon and laid a nice white blanket over everything by 5:00.  It continued snowing  off and on throughout the night and this is what I woke up to this morning.  The temperature is bitterly cold and is expected to be even colder tomorrow.  Wind chills are reaching  -20 to -30  degrees F.  

The fun this is that they canceled school today.  I am sure there were groans from parents who had to scramble around to make arrangements for children, but many cheers from kids and teachers.  

The extra nice thing was that they ( the school big-wigs)  called school off by 8pm last night which let me have a little more freedom in deciding what time to go to bed and what time to wake up this morning.  There is nothing worse for a late owl like me than waking up early in the morning for work only to find out work has been canceled.  Even if I stay in bed, it's not the same as sleeping in for the day.   

Since we have only been back at school for 3 days, having this snow day isn't as exciting and refreshing as a surprise snow day in mid February after teaching 5 weeks.  But...... I'll take it!  And it looks like I'll take another one tomorrow.  The message just came that they are calling it tomorrow too-and it is only afternoon~  Yeah!   I think I am liking this new superintendent.    I appreciate the advance notice. 

So now I can sit back and enjoy my warm beverage, snuggle in my afgan, and do some pleasure reading....  and tomorrow the alarm clock stays off and I am sleeping in! 

Maybe I will get caught up on reading all the blogs I want to read!

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