Sunday, September 6, 2009


I had a visitor to my classroom last week after all were gone. I was gone this day and the visitor came between the time the sub left and the custodian came to empty trash. The picture above is the result of my visitor. Papers were scattered on the floor, covered by coins used in math. On my chair, a bottle of hand sanitizer was emptied then covered with beans from a cup to hold pencils. Thankfully it could all be picked up with nothing permanently damaged.

The culprit was discovered after reviewing tapes. Another classroom had also been violated with candy taken. Consequences were applied. Another day in the life.......

New Dishwasher

Unlike my amazing sister who seems to figure out how to fix anything, my fix-it strategy is usually "buy a new one." I put this strategy into place when my dishwasher showed signs of leaking.

My son and I went window-shopping for a new dishwasher at 3 places. The first place the prices were all much higher than I was willing to spend. The second place had moderate prices and the salesman ( Who we found out later was the owner of the shop) spent about 30 minutes with us showing us all the features of various brands and models. The final place we went to was a big box store and the prices here were the lowest. Yet, as we stood looking at what was available no one ever came to help us or ask if we had questions.

I decided to go with the little more expensive product from the local shop with the customer service. When I called the next day to purchase the dishwasher over the phone, I was sure to tell the owner that his service is what sold me. The dishwasher was installed that afernoon and I couldnt wait to dirty enough dishes to use it!