Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dogs on the Loose

One day last week while eating lunch, the voice on the intercom notified us that all children will be brought inside and there would be no outdoor recess until further notice. A loose dog was in the area and this was all done for safety's sake. Within the next few minutes, I saw our school resource officer out in the parking lot scanning the area. While I thought "this is a first" I didn't feel it was scary. I was glad our school was taking a safety view of the situation.

Later in the afternoon I went to the office and inquired what the details were. They had not much to offer except the fact that Joint Communications had called saying there was a report of a vicious dog in the area.

The evening news filled in most of the gaps and made the whole situation even more scarier than what i had imagined. At a nearby shopping area, two pitbulls were loose in the parking lot chasing customers. People were running up on their hoods and roofs of their vehicles to escape the dogs. One store manager tried to distract a dog from chasing a woman and succeeded in getting bitten. One woman reported that she went driving around the parking lot to warn people just pulling in to stay in their cars. Imagine if you had your young children with you --how would you escape the raging dogs?

Eventually the police arrived and they attempted to distract the dogs. One dog lunged at the policeman and the dog was shot. The other ran off later to be found back at his nearby home.
The owner of the dogs was cited for assault.
Letting my imagination run, I wonder what the scene would've been if the dogs had made their way to the schoolyard where kids were out playing at recess. Now that's scary!

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